Dropship Rabbit Review: Is It Worth It For Winning Products?

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Today, I will be sharing with you my honest Dropship Rabbit review. If you have been following my blog, you would see that Dropshipping is one of the business models I talk about often.

This is because of how easy it is to start with little capital. However, as easy as it is, if not properly done, it could result in owning a store for some time without recording a single sale.

It could result from the dropshipping platform you use that has limited features. On the other hand, it could be the type of products you have in your store.

That is why you should start your dropshipping business with virtually all boxes ticked. From the platform to the products to the sales margin and what other users say about the platform.

One of the dropshipping platforms that have caught my fancy is Dropship Rabbit.

From my observation of the platform, it seems to be pulling its weight. That is why I have decided to write this review about it.

I will share with you everything you need to know about Dropship Rabbit- features, pricing, pros, cons, and how it compares with other platforms like itself.

Ready? Let’s go.

Dropship Rabbit

Dropship Rabbit is your ultimate e-commerce companion, offering handpicked winning products, expert marketing strategies, and efficient order fulfillment to maximize your dropshipping success.

  • Sponsor Ads
  • Hot Products
  • Affordability


  • No Free Trial

What is Dropship Rabbit?

What is Dropship Rabbit?

Dropship Rabbit is a dropshipping platform that helps you to own your e-commerce store without stress.

Having a store goes a long way in determining the success of your dropshipping business. You do not have to build your store from scratch with Dropship Rabbit. It provides Pre-built stores.

The good part about Dropship Rabbit is that it does not just stop at providing a store for you. It goes ahead to recommend trending products.

From my experience with dropshipping, your products will either fast-pace your business or slow it down. This is especially true if you are starting a business. You need to build on existing trustworthy products.

It doesn’t matter what niche you want to specify; Dropship Rabbit has over 300,000 products you can select from.

Not just that, Dropship Rabbit integrates with social platforms like TikTok and Facebook. Therefore, from the over 2000 products, you can see which ones are trending on either Facebook or TikTok.

Apart from that, you can spy on competitors on these platforms. This will help you see what your competitors are doing to improve sales.

Dropship Rabbit is a full-stack dropshipping platform that provides all the information you need even as a beginner.

We’ll discuss some of its features in detail.

Dropship Rabbit Features

This platform comes with many amazing features that you would need to take time to explore and benefit from.

However, for the sake of this review, I will be sharing with you some of its features that can help you boost sales.

#1. Sponsored Ads

These are ads that target a particular market that you desire. It displays just like the regular products that your target market is searching for.

Therefore, when people come on Dropship Rabbit to search for products, your store pops up, and they can access the products there.

Being a platform with several products and integration with two of the most popular social platforms, you can rest assured that your store will have huge traffic.

Dropship Rabbit can also place your ads to suit each social platform. You can also see how the sponsored ads are performing in real-time.

#2. Product Finder

One of the challenges of starting a dropshipping business is getting the right products to sell. The type of products you sell will either make the business slow down its progress.

Through some of our trials and errors, we realized that if you go for products that are not in high demand, your site might not rank on time.

That is why you should opt for products that already have good demand and that people actually want to purchase

With Dropship Rabbit, you can discover niches that are not highly competitive yet have good traffic.

You can do this by checking the top-rated products and seeing their niches. If you find that niche comfortable, you can go for it.

Some niches you would find include Health/Beauty, Sports and Fitness, Home and Kitchen Accessories, Pets, etc.

After getting the niche, you also want to find out products that are performing excellently well in terms of demand.

Dropship will also help you find products without you having to go through the rigor of a manual search. And with that, you can get into the business without wasting time.

Also, once there are new product trends, Dropship Rabbit notifies you so you are kept abreast with the latest updates.

Dropship categorizes its products into three categories. They include; Last week’s Best-selling, Today’s Best-selling, and Just-launched Best-selling

#3. Winning Ads

Your ads are not successful if they don’t convert. Therefore, to be able to run ads that are winning and successful, you need to put in the work.

These include using the right visuals and researching how top competitors are running theirs.

Good enough that Dropship Rabbit has taken all these burdens off your shoulders. Dropship Rabbit has viral video ads that you can use for your products.

By now, you already know how much videos help convert faster. This is because it doesn’t just show your audience the products, it teaches them how to use them.

Instead of having to create videos, hire video editors, or pay some platforms for their videos, Dropship Rabbit has them in store for you.

It also adds sales marketing copy that you can attach to the videos.

Also, with Dropship Rabbit, you can spy on competitors’ ads on social platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

When you spy on competitors’ ads, you see what they do that makes them successful. You get to see when they started the ads, how much traffic, and what category of products is better advertised on either of the platforms.

When you leverage all these metrics, you find out that your product ads are going viral.

#4. Ads Filter

An ad filter helps your audience see ads only relevant to them. As a dropshipper, you don’t want your ads showing to categories of people who do not need them.

You only end up spending so much without results.

That is why Dropship Rabbit has included the Ads filter feature to help you streamline your ads to only your target market.

On the Ads filter, you see filters like Keywords, geographical location, target audience, and others.

Therefore, I’ll encourage you to use the ads filter before you run your ads. This is also because when your audience searches, they will most likely filter their search using those parameters.

There are several other features that you would get to enjoy once you start using the platform. The good part is that Dropship Rabbit has tutorials that can help you navigate the platform easily.

Now that you know how amazing Dropship Rabbit is, let’s see how much it costs.

Dropship Rabbit Review: How much does it cost?

Dropship Rabbit Pricing

Dropship Rabbit comes in four (4) pricing plans- Standard, Standard+, Premium, and Premium+. Let’s see the breakdown of each pricing plan.

Standard Plan – $14.99/month

In this plan, you have access to the following;

  • TikTok Spy and Ad Spy pro
  • Audience Builder
  • Products with over $20 as profits
  • Google Trends
  • Ready Ad Text, titles, and images
  • Facebook Ads Beginner’s Guide

Standard+ Plan

This is the annual offer of the standard plan. Therefore, rather than pay $14.99/month, you only pay $84.94/year.

With that, you are saving a whopping amount of $94.94. That’s over 50% saved.

The features you get to enjoy are also the same as that of the monthly plans.

Premium Plan – $19.99/month

One of the features you enjoy in this plan is that you have first-hand access to winning and trending products. You receive notifications when there are any new products.

Also, you get to enjoy everything in the Standard plan, including;

  • Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 editions

Premium+ Plan

This is the annual offer of the Premium plan. Therefore, rather than pay $19.99/month, you only pay $119.94 per year

With that, you are saving about 50% which is $119.94.

The features you get to enjoy are also the same as that of the monthly plans.

Unfortunately, there are no free trials.

This Dropship Rabbit Review will not be complete if we don’t see how it compares with popular competitors.

Dropship Rabbit Alternatives

For the sake of this review, I will be comparing Dropship Rabbit with PiPiads, Peeksta, and Minea.

1st Pick

PiPiads is an all-in-one dropshipping tool designed to streamline your e-commerce journey. With its intuitive features for product sourcing, order management, and business growth, PiPiads empowers entrepreneurs to thrive in the competitive dropshipping market.

2nd Pick

Peeksta is a cutting-edge dropshipping tool that simplifies every aspect of your e-commerce business, from finding winning products. Supercharge your online store’s potential with Peeksta and elevate your profits today.

3rd Pick

Minea is a powerful e-commerce tool that simplifies and automates dropshipping, allowing entrepreneurs to easily source products, manage orders, and grow their online businesses. Experience the profitability of dropshipping with Minea today and take your e-commerce venture to new heights.

Dropship Rabbit vs. PiPiads


I will compare them based on the following parameters- functionality, pricing, customer support, and their ratings on credible review sites.

For the functionality, we will examine them under similarities and differences.


  • Access to winning and trending products
  • Both of them have Ad filters
  • You can conduct TikTok Spy with both platforms
  • Both PiPiads and Dropship Rabbit provide you with Quality Ad materials to make your Ads successful
  • With both tools, you can access tutorial materials that can help you navigate your way around easily.


  • PiPiads has a free trial while Dropship Rabbit does not
  • Dropship Rabbit integrates with Facebook and TikTok while PiPiads only integrates with TikTok
  • You cannot monitor Google Trends with PiPiads but you can monitor it in real-time with Dropship Rabbit.
  • PiPiads does not build your audience. It only focuses on running TikTok ads and dropshipping. On the other hand, Dropship Rabbit helps to build your audience.
  • PiPiads has an Etsy store while Dropship Rabbit does not.


PiPiads has three subscription plans – PiPiads VIP, PiPiads PRO, and PiPiads Enterprise.

  • VIP- $155/month
  • PRO- $263/month
  • Enterprise – Customized Plan

This plan includes all the features of the PiPiads VIP and PiPiads PRO. Coupled with the fact, you also get a customized feature that suits your business.

PiPiads VIP and PiPiads Pro come with a trial of $1 for 3 days. Read our full PiPiads review

Customer Support

Both tools offer good customer support. They both offer tutorial materials that you need to onboard. PiPiads has different contact supports for Google Ads, Shopify, and TikTok Ads.

Read more about Pipiads.     

Dropship Rabbit vs. Peeksta

I will also compare Dropship Rabbit and Peeksta based on their functionalities, pricing, customer support, and reviews.


Under this, we’d look at their similarities and differences.

  • They are both product research software
  • Both tools provide learning aids for you as you onboard
  • They both integrate with TikTok and Facebook
  • Both Peeksta and Dropship Rabbit have the Facebook Audience Builder feature
  • The two of them have ready-made video ads that you can use while running ads
  • With both tools, you have access to winning and trending products.
  • Both Peeksta and Dropship Rabbit make use of CJdropshipping as suppliers with express delivery in US and UK
  • Peeksta has a sales performance analyzer that you can use to monitor your store’s performance. Dropship Rabbit does not have this.
  • Dropship Rabbit provides tutorials on how to run Facebook ads. Peeksta does not.
  • With Peeksta, you can recreate any product image into Thumbnails. Dropship Rabbit does not have this feature.
  • You cannot monitor Google Trends with Peeksta. On the other hand, Dropship Rabbit helps you carry this out easily.
  • Dropship Rabbit has a Facebook Community where you can interact with other users. Peeksta has no community.
  • Peeksta has an AI content generator that can help you create content for your product descriptions.


Peeksta comes in three pricing plans

  • Starter Monthly Plan – $19.99/month
  • Advance Monthly Plan – $49.99/month
  • Premium Monthly Plan – $99.99/month

Reading peeksta review here. It seems Peeksta is a more robust tool than Dropship Rabbit.

Dropship Rabbit vs Minea

Minea Ad Platforms

I will also compare them based on their functionalities, pricing, customer support, and reviews.


Under this, we’d look at their similarities and differences.

  • You have access to winning and trending products
  • Both of them have Ad filters
  • You can integrate with TikTok on both platforms
  • With both Minea and Dropship Rabbit, you can spy on competitors’ ads.
  • Both Minea and Dropship Rabbit provide you with Quality Ad materials to make your Ads successful
  • Dropship Rabbit provides you with video content ads that you can use to run your ads. On the other hand, Minea does not.
  • Minea grants you access to Influencer Marketing for your products. Dropship Rabbit does not have this feature.
  • Minea supports four social platforms – Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. On the other hand, Dropship Rabbit only supports two – Facebook and TikTok.
  • You cannot monitor Google Trends with Peeksta. On the other hand, Dropship Rabbit helps you carry this out easily
  • Dropship Rabbit has a Facebook Community where you can interact with other users. Minea has no community.
  • Minea has a free plan while Dropship Rabbit does not.


Minea has three different pricing plans – Minea Lite, Minea Starter, and Minea Premium.

  • Minea Lite – £0
  • Starter – £49/month
  • Minea Premium – £99/month

Based on this, it is safe to say that Dropship Rabbit is more affordable than Minea. Only that Dropship Rabbit has no free plan.

Read our review on Minea to have a robust understanding of this tool compared to Dropship Rabbit.

Dropship Rabbit Review: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions that people have about Dropship Rabbit

Is there a Dropship Rabbit free trial?

No, Dropship Rabbit does not offer a free trial. Once you subscribe and you are not pleased with the tool, you can always cancel your subscription. With that, there will be no renewal. You can start with a month first to see how it works.

Is Dropship Rabbit worth it?

Apart from the fact that many customers testified to how it made their dropshipping process easier, Dropship Rabbit has almost everything you need to succeed in your dropshipping business. From texts, images, and videos you need to run winning ads.
After trying out Dropship Rabbit, I would say it is definitely worth the price.

Is there a Dropship Rabbit discount?

Yes, there is. When you opt for the yearly plans which are Standard+ and Premium+, you enjoy a 50% discount on the plans.

What is Dropship Rabbit Refund Policy?

Dropship Rabbit has no refund policy

Dropship Rabbit Review: Pros and Cons

Here, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dropship Rabbit


  • Easy Import of Products into your store
  • Quality Ads materials to run your ads successfully
  • Dropship Rabbit has a large product database and so you have access to a variety of products in different niches.
  • Most of the products they deal with have an impressive profit margin. You can be sure of making at least $20 on each product you sell.
  • The Interface is easy to navigate


  • There is no free plan for you to test the waters with
  • They do not offer any refund policy
  • As a result of the large product database, it might be difficult going through all the products to make your selection
  • Dropship Rabbit basically works more with the AliExpress store.

Dropship Rabbit Review: Conclusion

If you have been in the dropshipping business before and are looking to change the platform you are currently using, you should try Dropship Rabbit.

One of the challenges that most dropshipping platforms have is the limited products that are sometimes unavailable when orders are made.

But with Dropship Rabbit, you have various products at your disposal. It does not matter what niche you want to go into, you are covered.

Even if you do not know what niche to venture into, you can go through the winning products and select from there.

The only drawback might be that there is no free trial. However, the pricing is relatively affordable.

If you are not satisfied with the service (which I doubt) after the first month, you are free to cancel your subscription.

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