5 Best Shopify App to Automate your Dropshipping business

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If you are new to drop shipping you might not know the total essence of automating your dropshipping business. Why should you in the first place? Since drop shipping is simple right? Well, the truth be told, it’s actually easy.

The fact that you don’t need much capital to start and you don’t need to own any product inventory of your own. All you need do is receive sale orders from your customer and forward them to your supplier.

You don’t have to break a sweat everything is taken care of by your supplier. But let’s not kid ourselves there more to it than that. Seriously, is there anything like an easy business when you are not informed? Nope! To be successful in any business you need information and the right tools.

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For example, how are you going to manage sales orders above 500 daily from your customer without mixing them up? Or how can you edit product descriptions over 100 within few minutes? All these and more are the reason you need to automate your dropshipping business with the right Apps.

5 Best Shopify App to Automate your Dropshipping Business

  1. Oberlo App

Oberlo is the number one Shopify application with special features for dropshipping. The app allows you to easily import products directly into your Shopify store without having to do it manually.

shopify dropshipping app

The Oberlo app automatically connects your online store to AliExpress making it easy to locate and sell product from AliExpress.

The app is so good that it will save you time and money.

Additionally, It also allows you to easily filter ePacket product on AliExpress, auto edit product descriptions and price and easily upload them to your store.

Oberlo Features

  • Add product easily from AliExpress
  • Easily change product supplier
  • Auto update of product inventory
  • Product customization
  • Auto price setting
  • Auto fulfill and track orders
  • Sales tracking
  • Multiple user accounts

Oberlo offers 30 days free with all the main features of the app. At the end of the free trial, oberlo price start with $4.90 per month.

Trial Oberlo For Free

  1. Around.io

Around.io is a social media automated tools for online sellers. You don’t need to be an expert in e-commerce to know the importance of social media marketing.

shopify dropshipping app

The social networks have proven to the steady source of organic traffic to any e-commerce business.

However, handling over three different social networks that needed to be updated daily can prove to be a difficult task.

The app helps reduce the amount of work needed to be done with your social media posting and also allows you to manage, edit and schedule posts from numerous social accounts.

Interestingly, It gives you time to focus on the most important things. Things like how to grow your business while it handle your social media promotions.

Around.io Features

  • Week/daily planner: the app allows to create social media posts to be run every day for a week on schedule with just a few clicks
  • Social media calendar: Around.io calendar helps you to keep track of your social media posts.
  • GIF and Content search: the app searches for interesting content to share with your audience automatically.
  • Auto-sharing of images
  • Promote products on multiple social channels
  • Collage creator

Around.io offers a 7-day risk trial to see what the app offers. After the trials, the price starts from $9.99 per month.

Trial Around.io For Free

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  1. Tracking & Delivery Updates By – AfterShip

The AfterShip app for tracking and delivery updates allows you to create a branded tracking page to let your customer track their shipment. It also allows you to send Email and SMS notification automatically to updates your customers.

shopify dropshipping app

Over 35,000 Shopify entrepreneurs are already using this app. The app let you know how well your delivery performance is and allows you to take actions before it’s too late.

AfterShip Features

  • Auto import of all your shipment in one place
  • Allows your customers to their packages with your branded page.
  • Support over 380 couriers worldwide
  • Send delivery notification to engage customers after sale

AfterShip is free for less down 100 shipments per month. When your shipment exceeds 100 you might need to contact their support for a premium account.

Try AfterShip For Free

  1. Sales Pop – by Beeketing

Generating traffic to your store is one of the key factors for your dropshipping success. However how true it is, those traffic needs to be converted and that can be another serious challenge.

shopify dropshipping app

The Sale Pop helps to convert your traffic into a real time customer by displaying purchase activities on your store. When your customers see the pop up of other customers also buying on your store, it motivates and creates a sense of positive influence in them.

Sales Pop Features

  • Notification of recent sales to help increase customer buying confidence in your store
  • Convert visitor into customer by influencing them
  • Create sense of trust for customer by boosting their confidence to make a purchase
  • Best free marketing tool to enhance customer experience
  • Hide old notifications or them randomly
  • Boost sale

Sale Pop is totally free; you can try it out here.

  1. The Watchlyst

Just like Sale Pop, the Watchlyst app works by re-targeting your store visitors that didn’t make a purchase on their initial visit. Most of them might have left probably because they are not ready or because the price is too high.

shopify dropshipping app

The Watchlyst price drop alert allows them to sign up for a price drop alert upon their first visit on products they wish to buy. The Price Drop Alerts app later notifies them when there is a drop in the price. Thus, allowing them to complete their purchase.

Mind you, the Oberlo app is linked to your supplier on AliExpress. Any change in price will reflect on the oberlo app and will definitely reflect in your store for your customer to see.

The Watchlyst Features

  • Capture emails of visitor to re-visit
  • Auto notification of price drops
  • Leads magnet
  • Auto send customer emails they love and build loyalty

Price Drop Alert offers free 14 days trial and after the trial, their price only cost $3 per month.

Try Watchlyst For Free


The good thing about Shopify is they offer varieties of Apps to assist your business and most of them often come with trials. You can always test the one that works best for your store and if not discard them and go for another one.

Before you can use any of the Apps you need to Set-up an account with Shopify

Let me know what you think about the apps in the comment box or if you have a better suggestion please free to share it.

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