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Vendasta Review: In-depth and Brutally Honest [Pros & Cons]

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Vendasta Review

In this article, I will be discussing Vendasta Review.  Every business needs a tool that helps them manage sales and customer relationships.

Because what is the essence of a business that is not making constant sales or one that cannot retain its customers?

Sadly, this is the reality of most businesses. There are quality products but the customers for patronage are not available.

At other times, the customers come but eventually leave because they are neglected and not carried along.

But the truth is that handling the production part of a business and also seeing to the welfare of clients is not a walk in the park.

If care is not taken, one might default in one aspect. That is why you need a CRM tool like Vendesta.

It is a tool that helps you manage all your sales activities, manage your clients’ accounts and help you scale your business.

However, you might not know how efficient a tool is until you properly study it. That is why I have decided to share this Vendasta Review.

I will show you how it works and the benefits it brings to your business.

Let’s get started.

What is Vendesta?

Vendasta Overview
Vendasta Review

Vendasta is an all-in-one marketing platform used mostly by marketing agencies to meet the sales needs of their customers.

You can manage your clients’ accounts and their sales activities all in one platform. Vendasta saves you from having to purchase different tools to handle different marketing needs.

It can also be used by business owners to scale their businesses and bring optimal value to clients.

It is referred to as an all-in-one marketing platform because it brings together a lot of features and tool integrations that provide a level of fulfillment in the sales and marketing journey.

Vendasta is also an eCommerce platform that can help you find new products to sell, sell them effectively and also attract more clients.

You can make your sales and receive payments efficiently right on the platform.

It is also a white-label platform that grants you access to customize your platform to a personal app and sell as many as you want to customers.

That means while making money from managing your clients’ accounts, you can also make money from reselling the vendesta app.

Vendasta Features

It is important that this Vendasta Review shows you what features make up the Vendasta software.

Here are some of the Vendasta features that make it stand out.

1. Workflow Automation

Vendasta has an automated workflow that adds ease to your sales and marketing operations. With Vendesta, you can keep your tasks organized and automated.

It helps to engage your customers and keeps your business growing automatically.

With Vendasta Workflow Automation, you can detect what it is your prospective customers are interested in.

Then, the email campaigns are designed to meet their needs and interact with them. Content that will appeal to their interests is created.

Workflow helps you to minimize the time you spend on manual and repeated tasks. You can focus on other aspects of the business and everything runs smoothly.

This workflow can be created automatically even if have zero knowledge about coding.

2. CRM

This is the Customer Relationship Management feature that helps you interact with customers. Building a customer relationship in your business is key.

Their opinion about your business goes a long way in growing your business. The CRM also handles all pipeline management. 

This feature helps to keep you on the right track to avoid errors and mistakes like wrong communication and missing information.

All your sales processes are managed.

With Vendasta CRM, you can categorize your customers and send emails accordingly. It has web forms that help in capturing leads and monitoring the conversion process.

You can manage the calendar to keep up with appointments with customers on it. It also has a Zoom and Google Meet integration that you can use for meetings.

Not only that, it provides real-time necessary information that can help you see how your sales activities are faring and which deals you should handle at the moment or later.

3. Marketing and Email Automation

Vendasta helps you to automate all tasks – especially the ones you have to carry out repeatedly. This feature helps to maintain a level of consistency and organization in the marketing process.

It also helps to meet up with all the demands that marketing entails.

With Vendasta, you are sure that the right content is being delivered to the right people at the right time.

The platform also helps you to run email campaigns with content that is personalized to each category of the contacts.

It sends emails such as welcome emails, reminders, new product releases, and so on.

In building the emails, there are email templates that can guide you in setting them up. You also have an autoresponder that helps in responding to inquiries from the mail.

This saves you a lot of time and you rest assured that your email and marketing campaigns are going on as and when due.

4. Marketplace

Vendasta has a marketplace where you can find new products to sell. This is the leverage it has over other digital agencies.

Therefore, you do not have to research products in other places before bringing them to Vendasta.

 It is a good platform for an eCommerce business owner.

The platform does not bring suggestions of any type of products but hot selling products- especially digital products.

It comes with an attractive store that catches the attention of prospective clients where you can market and sell your products.

You can sell your products to hundreds of thousands of people who need the products.

The moment you sign up on Vendasta, you get your product page on their website which is called Product Marketplace.

There, the platform automatically drives traffic and sales to your products.

The good thing about the Marketplace is that you also meet thousands of resellers who are ready to distribute your products to diverse locations.

You enjoy all these functionalities at a very low cost.

5. White labeling Agency Software

Vendasta is a white labeling Agency Software that helps to give your platform the outlook and interface you desire.

Your clients will get to see your business name and URL rather than that of Vendasta.

You will also be able to make use of your domain.

Having a white-label platform helps you to offer a single login point to your clients and even team members.

Apart from this, you can make provisions for mobile-friendly apps to them such that they can carry out their transactions on the go. All of these will be hallmarked by your brand logo and name.

6. Snapshot Report

The Snapshot report is an assessment tool in marketing. It provides detailed and automated insights into the performance of a business.

Vendasta helps you to provide your clients with more appealing reports.  This is because the platform has a design-looking interface.

It is also a good way to start a good conversation with prospective clients. You will be able to present them with evidence of some of your past activities.

With the snapshot report, you can highlight the lapses in their marketing trends and also offer solutions to them.

It allows for other detailed analyses of a business but when it comes to reports that are quite catchy with good illustrative designs, it is lacking in that.

Vendasta Review:How Does Vendasta work?

How does vendasta work

Earlier, I made mention how Vendasta is your go-to platform for all your marketing needs. Let’s see the breakdown of how it works for your business.

Acts as a Marketing Agency Software

Due to the fact that it is a marketing agency software, you get to do a lot at one point. Some of these include;

  • Task management
  • Automation
  • Order fulfillment and billings.

All these will help you manage time and resources. It will also help you to meet up with several deadlines and you won’t have to carry out repeated actions.

Most importantly, you will not have to bother about delayed payments as payments are being made on the Vendasta platform itself.

The sales automation features help you to predict what your clients want and the result of the solutions you aim at providing.

Gives you a MarketPlace

Vendasta has a marketplace where you can build your store from. The store has about 250 curated products that you can choose from.

This does not negate the fact that you can also bring in your products.

In the marketplace, you do not have to pay any commitment fee or RPFs. Most importantly, you get to build a huge customer base because of the wide range of products you have to offer.

Scales your business at a reduced cost

Vendasta has provided all you need to take your business to the next level. Vendasta provides you with business insights that you can use to pitch to customers.

This is because you will be able to see what condition the prospective client’s business is in. With that, you will be able to propose the right solutions to their needs.

Offers you branding

Vendasta has a white label that can help you render all the services that had been mentioned under your brand name.

This means that your client would not get to know that you are operating under Vendasta. This will give your brand more credibility and trust.

In all, Vendasta helps you to deliver the right technological solutions to your clients. Seeing that most of these services are paid for on either a monthly basis or yearly basis, you get to generate recurring revenue.

Who Should Use Vendasta?

Peradventure you had been wondering what category of people should use Vendasta, here they are;

  • Web Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Financial Groups
  • Telecommunication companies
  • MSPs
  • Broadcast Media
  • SEO/SEM services

This is because a larger part of the modus operandi of these organizations is to help small businesses to grow.

That is why Vendasta is highly suitable for such organizations.

Therefore, if your organization is also aimed at providing digital solutions to businesses, Vendasta is for you.

Vendasta Review: How much is Vendasta? (Pricing)

Vendasta Pricing

It comes in three pricing plans that you can choose from considering the features that each of the pricing plans has.

Individual – $119/month

This pricing plan grants you access to the following features-

  • 1 team member seat. This means that apart from you, one additional user is granted access.
  • Invoicing and payments.
  • 5 Website Express can be included.
  • 5 Social Marketing Express
  • 5 Reputation Management and custom voice-over Express can be included
  • For any additional Express product you intend to add, it will cost you a monthly $5 per product.
  • Access to weekly training and workshops
  • 5 Snapshot reports per month. The Snapshot report is a good marketing assessment need. It makes prospecting for new clients easier. You could look into their marketing tactics and see what they need to do to get better. You then offer them your solutions to those needs.
  • For any additional snapshot report, it costs $2

Team – $579/month

This pricing plan offers all the features in Individual, including-

  • 5 team member seats
  • 20 Social Marketing Express
  • 20 Website Express
  • 20 Reputation Management and Custom voice Express
  • White-Labelling
  • 20 snapshot reports per month
  • Partner Development team support
  • Onboarding at no cost

Advance – $1159/month

This pricing plan offers all the features in Team, including-

  • 50 team member seats
  • 200 Website Express
  • 200 Social Marketing Express
  • 200 Reputation Management Express and Custom Voice Express
  • 200 Snapshot reports per month
  • API support

Vendasta Review: pros and cons

Let’s look at some of the things you stand to enjoy when you use Vendasta. We will also consider some of the few challenges that come with the platform.


  • Vendesta helps you to focus on other aspects of the business while it handles marketing.
  • Even if you have no idea of what product to sell in your eCommerce store, Vendesta suggests high-selling products for you
  • You would not need to set up a different payment method for your customers. You can do it on the platform
  • Vendasta builds your relationship with clients by sending them friendly emails such as birthday messages, anniversaries, or appreciation messages.
  • It helps small business boost their growth rate


  • It has a steep learning curve that might not be easily understood by someone who is not already good at digital marketing.
  • For all the white-label apps you resell, you become responsible for the management. Anytime there is a glitch in operation, you have to be the one to fix it which might not be easy while running your business alongside.
  • The pricing is high for a business that is just growing.

Vendasta Alternatives: How does it compare with Competitors?

I will not be doing justice to this Vendasta review if I do not show you how Vendasta compares with its alternatives. Therefore, let’s compare Vendasta with Hubspot and Reputation.com

Vendasta vs Hubspot

We will explore the comparison under three categories- functionality, pricing, and support


One of the biggest differences between Vendasta and Hubspot is their functionality. Hubspot focuses mainly on managing businesses while Vendasta sees to both the management of the business and its growth.

Vendasta has a more personalized approach to business which can help you customize the solutions you provide to businesses.

With its features like business insights, snapshot reports, and automated analysis, there is a more direct focus on growing businesses.

With Hubspot, most of these are not present. However, in terms of email marketing campaigns, Hubspot thrives better than Vendasta.

Also. Vendasta has a white-label platform that you can resell and more importantly, rebrand as yours. Hubspot does not offer this feature.


Both Vendasta and Hubspot offer multiple payment plans that you can choose from.

Hubspot’s pricing plan begins from $45/month for 1000 contacts. This might be suitable for a new business.

As the business grows bigger, you might need to increase the figure. The more contacts you add, the increase in the payment you get.

On the other hand, the pricing plan of Vendasta begins at $119/month.

In summary, Hubspot pricing details include;

Starter – from $45/month

Professional- from $800/month

Enterprise – from $3600/month


Both platforms offer customer support in terms of email support and live chat. They also offer varieties of training and consultations.

In Vendasta, its partner strategy consultation and technical consulting go for $150/session.

While in Hubspot, partner strategy consultation goes for $350-$1500/month and technical consulting goes for $650/month.

It’s okay to say that Hubspot has a relatively lower consultation fee.

Vendasta vs Reputation.com

Let’s also compare the two under functionality, Pricing, and Support.


Reputation.com is aimed at providing tools that help businesses reinforce their online reputation.

They cater to online presence, social media scheduling and monitoring, Online review, and review generation.

Vendasta, on the other hand, caters to all these including citing a marketplace where you can list your products and meet potential buyers.


Both Vendasta and Reputaion.com has a free trial. On Reputation.com, you have a free trial of 30 days with no credit card required.

While Vendasta offers a 14-day free trial. The pricing plans of Reputation.com are not readily accessible until you sign up.


Both Vendasta and Reputation.com offer live chat and email support to their users.

You can also read Gohighlevel vs Vendasta

Vendasta Review: FAQs

Let’s look at some of the questions that people are asking about Vendasta

What is Vendasta used for?

Vendasta is used for diverse marketing functions. Vendasta can be used for tasks such as work automation, white labeling, CRM, and Email marketing. It is also a suitable marketplace for your digital products.  

Can I add a link to my custom product on Vendasta?

Yes. You can do that by going to the vendor center. Select the custom product you want to add a link. By the top-right, you will see an integration tab. Click on it and under it, you will see “Access and SSO”. Click on the product access URL and add your link. Thereafter, save it.

Can I cancel my Vendasta subscription?

Yes, you can. You will need to fill out a form. Only ensure that you carry out the cancellation process 48 hours before the renewal date of the next one.

Is Vendasta a CRM?

Yes, Vendasta is a CRM where you can manage all aspects of your customer’s needs, build a sales funnel and track leads.

Does Vendasta integrate with Social Media?

Yes, Vendasta integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Google My Business. This will help you to run social media marketing for your clients.

Final Thoughts on Vendasta Review

To wrap this Vendasta Review up, Vendasta is your all-in-one marketing software. It covers everything you need to successfully run your business and grow it from scratch.

Its unique feature which is the Marketplace has removed the pain of having to look around for buyers.

It’s a place where buyers and sellers meet.

More so, even if you do not have a product of your own, especially for those using the White label platform, there are over 250 products that you can sell under your brand name.

Vendasta helps you generate proof of your past records with its Snapshot Reports. This, you can use in landing many more clients.

This software is not just a marketing platform, it is a business support and growth platform.

Hopefully, this Vendasta Review has been able to answer all your questions. However, you could begin with its free trial offer if you are still in doubt.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up now and sign up.

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