What is ClosersCopy? [Everything You Need To Know]

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Let’s face it, writing content is not easy.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of what you want to write about in order to deliver good content that your readers will resonate with.

And not to talk of writer’s block.

These are things we all face while trying to write good content in one way or the other.

But things become easier when you have an AI behind you working hard to help grow your content product.

That’s where ClosersCopy AI comes in.

Closerscopy is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven software that allows writers to create content using an easy interface.

What is ClosersCopy?

closers copy copywriting generator software

Closerscopy is an Artificial Intelligence driven software that allows writers and marketers to create content automatically with the help of GPT-3 AI.

It’s a web-based software that helps marketers and copywriters ensure their audience converts after being exposed to the content on their website.

Simply put, it’s a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content for your business. With Closerscopy, you can create a highly engaging copy for your ads campaigns: Facebook, Email, YouTube, or Natives Ads etc.

Not just that, it also has the ability to create amazing long-form contents, sales copy for your sales page, landing page, or squeeze pages.

This software features a huge library of templates, which one can use to write content for their website and business.

This service can be used by both beginners and expert copywriters to write copies for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and sales letters, among many others.

Therefore, it will help turn readers into real customers.

Writing a copy using this service is very simple. Once you have selected the template that you want to use, you only need to replace the highlighted text with the message you want, and that is it.

If you find yourself brainstorming for ideas on what to write, or your budget is too tight to hire a freelance copywriter, this tool can help solve your problem.

And it caters to everyone despite their level of copywriting skills.

It can help you increase your conversion rates and traffic while saving you the cost of hiring an expert copywriter.

How Does ClosersCopy Works?

Closerscopy Dashboard

From your ClosersCopy dashboard, you can create different projects depending on the kinds of content you want inside the projects. You can have different articles inside one project.

This makes it easy for you to track the performance of what you are writing and makes it easy to locate your work if you’ll be writing a lot of articles.

Once you’ve created an account with ClosersCopy, you can expect the following when you log in to your account.

  • Dashboard. The dashboard contains essential items to create your project in ClosersCopy.
  • New project. This button takes you to a new project work page to create a new document.
  • Search. This feature allows you to search for a project by name. It’s faster to bring up an old project if you have more projects.
  • Sort content. You can sort your project by A-Z Last Created, or favourite.

You can create a project from the dashboard and several documents that go with the project. E.g., a brand awareness project. Under the project, you can create different documents.

Below is a short video on how to use ClosersCopy to write long-form articles.


From the video above, you can see it’s quite easy to generate content fast while using ClosersCopy. You can write as long 1000 words within 2 minutes with the ClosersCopy AI software.

What Powers Closerscopy?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3’ (GPT-3)

Closerscopy uses the latest machine learning technologies and language models like GPT-3 to enhance your copy and accelerate your writing process.

GPT-3 is a copywriting software created by OpenAI an AI research laboratory based in San Francisco. The AI breakthrough was embraced because of its potential to automate tasks, which could be useful for companies.

The GPT-3 artificial intelligence can respond to any text you type into a computer with another piece of appropriate information that is relevant to the context.

So basically when you typed in a full English sentence to a search box, take, for example, you’re most likely to get back some response in a human-like sentence that is highly relevant.

The software itself  (GPT-3) is the third generation language prediction software model in the GPT-n series (Successor to GTP-2).

They are all created by OpenAI which was introduced in May 2020 and has been generating high-quality texts since July of the same year, exceeding any expectations for artificial intelligence at this time.

GPT-3 automatically learns from data, how people write sentences by taking into account what words they use most often so it can more accurately predict which word will follow another.

What’s even better about this technology is its ongoing technological research and users should expect even better results.

Soonest, the GPT-3 might be replaced with GPT-4 which will invariably produce a better result.

Why You Need A Copywriting Tool Like ClosersCopy

Why work harder when you can work smarter? this has never been more relevant. Using AI (artificial intelligence) like ClosersCopy for your content creation will help you do just that.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need an AI copywriter to write for you:

#1. No More Writer’s Block

If there’s one thing that makes copywriters adopt AI tools, it’s because they can instantly eliminate writer’s block and provide you with unlimited inspiration for your content.

If you don’t know how to start writing your next article, this could be the problem. You might be having trouble getting started because there’s nothing in your head to write about or how to express it.

AI copywriters completely eliminate the anxiety you feel when watching the time tick by while you struggle to come up with what to write.

#2. It Save Time

Copywriter tools can give you a ton of material to work with in seconds allowing you to skip over your tedious research and outline development for your content creation

Since these AI have access to millions of resources online, it makes it easy for them to create content faster by harnessing what they gather on the internet.

So you can take the best part of what the AI generates and join it together with your creativity to create unique content that you reader is going to love in just a short period of time.

Thereby saving your time drastically.

#3. Generate More leads

Content marketing is a must for any business that wants to improve its sales. It has become a cornerstone for the sales funnel.

To keep generating leads for your business that in turn, turn into customers, your business needs to have a strong content strategy in place for consistence content creation.

This can be expensive since copywriting is getting more expensive as the need for content creation is on the rise.

However, thanks to AI copywriters, your content creation can be on track since you can use tools like ClosersCopy and Its alternative to creating more content.

ClosersCopy Key Features

ClosersCopy features are designed to help you come up with words that sell in various situations.

While there are many tools in this service, keep in mind that you’ll need to input some information to help the service create the best results possible.

Let’s explore some features of this service,

#1. LongForm Editor

ClosersCopy’s long-form content editor was basically designed for bloggers, marketers and content creators to write content more efficiently without wasting time and money on copywriters.

Using the long-form content features, you’ll be able to write content that feeds the search engines and most importantly do it within few minutes depending on how long you want your content to be.

And trust me, this can easily take your content creation to the next level, because there’s no limit to the number of words you can write with the long-form content feature.

First thing first, It’s highly important to know that these AI’s are not perfect, you need to feed it perfect information.

How well you feed it determines the type of content creation you should expect to generate from the AI machine At times, the grammar may be off-key which is not always so but with a few editing, you’ll get it back on track.

Below is a full video on how to use the ClosersCopy longform editor.


I’ll suggest you watch this over and over just to have a clear insight on how to use the AI software to generate longform content for your business.

#2. Drafts

The ClosersCopy draft features works just like longform but more effective and it generate content a lot faster than the longform feature.

Using this functionality, you’ll have to create an outline first with the proper headings. Take for example, the content title should be written in H1 while subheadings should be written in H2 and H3 respectively.

Once you have your outline, the draft feature will use it to generate longform content for you while putting into account the content title and the outline headings provided for the draft.


By watching the Video above, you’ll be able to see how you can generate contents fast within 2 minutes.

However, you might need to add two or three words under each heading provided for the AI to have more data to work it.

If the topic you want to write about is not popular you might want to feed the AI with enough data for it to understand exactly what you want it to write.

The more accurate your text, the more accurate the content that will be provided.

#3. SEO Audit

The SEO feature is extremely important if you are using ClosersCopy for your blog like I do. This feature helps by analysis existing content on the internet based on your target keyword.

This tool scrapes the internet then guide you to write a best version that is sure to rank. ClosersCopy make this possible by using what’s ranking already as template to write what Google will love.


These features work through a scoring mechanism that lets you know how well you’re on track.

With the score of 0-100, you should be able to know when your content might rank well on search engine or not.

#4. Template Library

The service features various templates for writing different marketing content. You can use it to write Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email subjects, social media posts, sales pages, and landing pages among others.

But note that these are just templates, which means that individuals can use the copy created by ClosersCopy for anything they like.

The company is always adding new templates regularly. Therefore, expect more of different types.

#5. Over 18000+ Copy Examples

Sometimes you might be stuck on what to write or how to use this service. Thankfully, the company offers various examples that you can check for ideas and inspiration.

The database features over 18000 copy examples for Facebook and Google. This not only helps you save time but also boosts your creativity.

How Does ClosersCopy Compare with Competition?

ClosersCopy combines some of the best features of Jasper AI, Rytr, Copy AI, and more into one simple to use platform.

With ClosersCopy, you have all the tools to write a high converting content at your fingertips. From SEO optimise contents to framework, workflow or any marketing contents needed for your online business.

ClosersCopy vs Jasper AI

The biggest different between Jasper ai and ClosersCopy is in affordability and ease of use. Lets explore how both plaform compare in basic ease of use and affordability.

#1. Pricing

ClosersCopy has got three pricing plans and that’s the same case with Jasper AI. The lowest plan for ClosersCopy goes for $49.99.

This gives you access to the template library, AI editor, more than 18,000 copy examples, drag and drop copy builder, and a limit of 50 SEO audits in a month.

Jasper, on the other hand, has a Starter Plan that goes for $29 a month which is limited to just 20,000 words a month. The Pro plan (boss mode) costs $99 per month.

In the ClosersCopy superpower plan that goes for $99.99 a month has all the above features and the only difference is the no-character limit. Based on both AI pricing plan. ClosersCopy is way more affordable compared to Jasper AI.

#2. Money Back

A money-back guarantee is a critical feature that should be included in nearly all platforms. With ClosersCopy, you get a 14 days money-back guarantee, and in Jasper, you only get 7 days.

Considering the duration both AI writing tools offer, that is adequate time for you to know whether you should discontinue using the services of both sites.

#3. Life Time Deal

With a lifetime deal, you can forget about making monthly or annual subscriptions.

All you have to do is make a one-time payment and enjoy the services of an AI writing tool for the rest of your life.

Jasper doesn’t offer lifetime deals, but you can find them in ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy Pricing

closerscopy pricing
Closerscopy pricing plan

Pricing tiers on this service are affordable. Let’s review different plans to help you understand the one that is most suitable for you.

Power Plan

  • For $49.99 per month, you get:
  • Downloads
  • Guidance and Advice
  • Artificial Intelligence Editor
  • Thesaurus Lookup
  • Template Library
  • Drag and Drop Copy Builder
  • Step by Step Copy Wizard
  • 300 AI Runs/month
  • 50 SEO Audit/month
  • Limited Update
  • 2 seats (You plus a team member

Superpower Plan

It costs $79.99 per month and includes everything from the power plan with an addition of;

  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Unlimited SEO Audit/month
  • Unlimited Update
  • 3 seats (You plus 2 team members)

Superpower Squad Plan

It costs $99.99 per month and includes everything from the power plan with an addition of;

  • 5 seats (You plus 4 team members)

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

If you don’t want the monthly subscription, you can opt for the Lifetime deal that you are given at a discounted cost.

This allows you unlimited access to this software. However, note that this is only for a limited time. Currently, at the time of writing this post, the lifetime deal is still available.

I’ll suggest you quickly check here to see if the lifetime offer is still on… 

The Closerscopy lifetime deal comes in 3 packages:

  • Power: $397/one-time Zero monthly fees!
  • Superpower: $497/one-time Zero monthly fees. No upsells, ever!
  • Superpower Squad:  $697/one-time Zero monthly fees. No upsells, ever!

The unlimited gives you access to everything on the software while the professional plan comes with few limitations. You can check the two price comparisons here! 

ClosersCopy FAQ

What is ClosersCopy?

Closerscopy is an Artificial Intelligence driven software that allows writers and marketers to create content automatically with the help of GPT-3 AI.

Is ClosersCopy any good?

Yes, ClosersCopy is a good AI copywriting tool that is sure to generate good and well-written AI content for your website.

Is ClosersCopy free?

No, Closerscopy is not free and it doesn’t have a free trial. Its entry price starts from $49 a month with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


ClosersCopy is more than a Copywriting tool.

It’s a content-generating and marketing assistant that any content-generating business should definitely have.

It comes with different features and functionality needed to write perfect content for both human audiences and search engine crawlers.

So irrespective of your business, Closerscopy is a tool you need so far you need content for consistency.

It’s very affordable and it also has a lifetime deal to have it for life without bothering about recurring fees.

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