How to Join Closerscopy Affiliate Program: Earn 44% Recurring Commission

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Closerscopy Affiliate Program

In this post, I’ll be doing justice to the Closerscopy affiliate program review and equally discuss how you can promote it and earn a monthly recurring commission.

The closerscopy affiliate program is one of the few amazing high-ticket affiliate programs you can promote and get RICH.

You can sign-up to promote Closerscopy as an affiliate in two ways; one will have your account reviewed while the second will approve your account immediately.

The latter is a better way to sign-up.

If you are new to Closerscopy and you have little to no knowledge of how Closerscopy works, I’ll suggest you go through my in-depth review of Closerscopy.

Now that you know what Closerscopy is all about, let’s talk about how you can earn from it while also using the tool for your business.

Closerscopy Affiliate Program (44% Recurring Commission)

Here’s a link to the Closerscopy Affiliate program or simply try out the software and automatically become an affiliate from within your account. (Recommended)

Once you log in, Closerscopy offers free training on how to get started with the platform and easily make money using their software.

All these are inside your account once you’ve signed up.

When people sign up through your Closerscopy affiliate link, you get a 44% commission on every purchase if you are a member of the Expert program.

This simply means that if 100 people sign up through your Closerscopy affiliate link, you earn 44% 100 times. Good cash if you would ask me.

If you own a license, the recurring commission is 33% while for those who do not have one, the commission is 22%..

Closerscopy Overview

closers copy
closerscopy overview

This is a sales copywriting tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. Closerscopy works with the help of GPT-3 Al.

It features an archive of templates that you can use to develop content for sales information, industry blogs, promotions, social platforms, and email marketing.

This Al software helps copywriters and marketers to create content that converts their audience.

The tool is more geared toward sales writing. This is why it is often referred to as a sales copywriting tool.

Closerscopy will help you boost sales through its Search Engine Optimized blogs and marketing copy.

With the help of this tool, you can create highly engaging copy for your ads campaigns such as Facebook ads, YouTube Ads, and others.

Closerscopy is one of the copywriting tools that support long-form content. You can use it to write sales pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

It has a huge library of templates. Therefore, if you have no idea on how to begin with Closerscopy, you can easily start by using the templates.

Closerscopy also supports teamwork. That means you and your team members can make use of the same Closerscopy account.

How to get started with the Closerscopy Affiliate Program

To get started with the Closerscopy Affiliate program, you need to sign up with Closerscopy and have an account first. Then, you can follow these steps;

  • Go to the affiliate sign-up page
  • Apply for the affiliate partnership program
  • Wait till the application is approved
  • Once it is approved, you will get a referral link that you can use to promote the affiliate program
  • Now that you have the link, share the link out with your audience and promote Closerscopy
  • You get your commission at the end of the month

This is a recurrent way of making money on a monthly basis.

Apart from making money when customers buy the product, you can be a sub-affiliate as well. This means that when you refer an affiliate, you get a percentage from their affiliate commission as well.

Once your commission is up to an aggregate of 50 USD, you can start receiving payments. There is no limit to the number of earnings you can have.

Closerscopy Cookie Duration

There is something called cookies on websites. Once anyone signs up to a website that has cookies, it helps to remember you and your login details.

In Closerscopy, there is cookie duration.

That means there is a period of time that a customer can click on your affiliate link and make the actual purchase that will be counted as a sale made from you.

It is believed that a lot of customers might click on different affiliate links.

Therefore, if someone clicks on different clicks, it is the affiliate link that the customer bought from within the stipulated duration that will receive the commission.

It varies from one product to another. In Closerscopy, its cookie duration is 90 days.

This simply means that a customer that clicks on your link should proceed to make the purchase within the 90 days framework.

If the customer buys on the 91st day, it would not be a commission for you.

This is a good duration compared to most products whose cookie durations are 30 days.

Also, you can send reminder emails to them since the website might have captured their details.

Closerscopy Affiliate: How to get your discount coupon code

Having the Closerscopy discount coupon code is another way to attract customers to buy from you.

Everyone loves it when they can get the same value at a lower price. Once they see that you can offer them a discount, they will definitely tilt towards your end.

To get your discount coupon code, you can visit any of these coupon-generating platforms like woobox.

You will be asked to enter the campaign you want to generate the coupon code for. Then you can enter the affiliate link of your closerscopy affiliate program.

After that, the coupon code will be generated and then you can include it as you promote your affiliate link.

How to promote the Closerscopy Affiliate Program

Now that you already have a discount coupon code and the referral links, let’s talk about how you can promote the Closerscopy affiliate program.   

Through Email List

promoting closerscopy through email list
email list

This is one of the ways of the best ways to promote your Closerscopy affiliate program. Email marketing gives you direct access to your audience. This is you bringing your products closer to them.

However, the challenge is that a lot of people abuse it. In as much as you have access to people’s email lists, you should avoid spamming their inboxes with your emails.

The major challenge that most people have is that they are too conscious about the marketing, they completely forget that the KLT factor must be present. Build the trust factor first, then sell yourself.

Here are three main email marketing tips that can help you promote the Closerscopy affiliate program successfully

Establish a relationship with your Email lists

This is a golden tip that can speed up sales in email. You don’t want your audience to see that you are only interested in their money.

Sending promotional content and affiliate links all the time is a big turn-off.

Rather than that, share valuable content that is related to them. People naturally tend to the direction of value.

The moment they realize that you always share content that is either educative, informative, or entertaining, your audience begins to look forward to your content.

Thereafter, you can start sending the promotional content to them and they receive it well.

Closerscopy has some done-for-you campaigns that you can use to send this promotional content.

This will help minimize the bulk of your work.

Encourage a reply by leaving a medium for a reply

After sharing the content, leave your contact information. It could be an email address.

Once your subscribers send you messages, always create time to reply to them. It makes them feel connected to you.

One more tip for your email marketing is that

You can start with the A/B test.

At this point, you only send to a fragment of the email lists and watch their responses to the different emails that would be sent.

This will help you determine which category of emails should be sent more often.

 Through Facebook

promoting closerscopy through facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Therefore, it is a good place to promote your Closerscopy affiliate program. Facebook has over 4 billion audiences and it has great potential for marketers.

There are two ways by which you can earn affiliate commission on Facebook. They include;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Groups

Facebook Ads

This is a good way to reach a wider audience range. You can run (Facebook ads) to target niches.

This you first do by determining what category of people will benefit more from the product. Having a targeted niche helps you convert easily.

While running your ads, you need to pay close attention to your marketing copy. Good thing Closerscopy is there to do justice to that.

You want to ensure your copy is convincing enough. You could also attach sample texts and copy that Closerscopy has written for you.

Everyone wants proof that something actually works. Before running the ads, ensure that you have a lead funnel in place.

You should collect their emails over the funnels and remarket using the email list strategy.

To run Facebook ads, you will need to have a Facebook page.

Facebook Groups

This is in fact a way to position yourself as an expert in the field that Closerscopy works for.

All you need to do is to create a Facebook group that addresses writing and all the subjects around it.

Just like the email list, you don’t begin by pushing your Closerscopy affiliate link to the face of your audience.

They want to know what is in it for them in your group.

That is why you have to start by dishing out valuable content that will interest them. Offer those content for free and finally introduce your affiliate link.

Your audience would have come to trust you and they will readily accept whatever offer you bring to them.

Through YouTube

promoting closerscopy affiliate program throughyoutube marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine and it has billions of users and views. It is another good medium to promote your Closerscopy affiliate program.

Just like Facebook, you do not have to spend any dime to set it up. You do not need any form of domain buying or hosting payment.

All you need to do is to have a Google account and you are good to go.

The only challenge that most people have about YouTube is the face showing on the screen but guess what?

You can run a cash cow YouTube channel) where you do not have to show your face.

Read more on how to set up a faceless YouTube channel

Asides from that, you could go with the method of sharing your screen. You could share how-to videos about any subject that revolves around using Closerscopy.

You could create Closerscopy reviews and comparison videos as well.

Here are a few of what you need to take note of as you use the YouTube channel

  • Screencast-o-Matic. This tool will help you record and share your screen for any type of video you make.
  • Optimize your video description
  • Do proper keyword research. You can use tools like Google Keyword planner, VidiQ, or the Surfer SEO tool.
  • Use catchy thumbnails
  • Shorten your affiliate URL

Through Niche Blog

promoting closerscopy affiliate program through niche blog
Niche blog

You could set up a niche blog to promote your affiliate link as well. In this case, you will need to get a domain name and set up your web hosting.

(Bluehost) is a good medium to get your domain name for free. Bluehost also offers a free SSL certificate with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

And you know how interesting it is that the same Closerscopy you are promoting is what will help you to create the content.

Therefore no worries about the rigor of writing content over and over. Here are a few examples of content you can put up.

  • How-to Post
  • Comparison post
  • Review post
  • Case study post

Through Google Ads

promoting closerscopy affiliate program through google ads

Google Ads is the opposite of SEO. In SEO, which is majorly what the niche blog entails, you have to create good content and add a few backlinks so that your blog’s ranking can be boosted.

However, it might take a little while before you begin to see results. It’s a gradual process of visibility.

But with Google ads, it’s as if you are telling Google that you need an immediate result.

All you need to do is to bid for Closerscopy keywords through Google ads and then include your affiliate link.

As long as people search for those keywords, they will land at your Google ads and then see your link.

The more the click-through rate you have, the more chances you have to make more money with Closerscopy affiliates.

You might want to check out this A-Z content on how to run Google Ad words by Neil Patel.

Finally, you need to confirm if Google ad is allowed on Closerscopy affiliate terms and conditions.

This will help to prevent your affiliate account from being terminated.

Answering Questions on Quora

promoting closerscopy affilaite program through quora

Quora is the biggest Question and Answer website. On a regular basis, there are millions of questions being asked by their users.

All you need to do is (create an account on Quora). Then look for questions that are related to Closerscopy and provide an in-depth answer to them.

Inside your answer, you must include your landing page link. This will help to drive traffic to the landing page that has your affiliate link and they can click on it.

Quora does not accept that you add your affiliate link directly to the answers you provide. It is against their ethics.

However, if you must add your affiliate link directly, ensure you use a (link shortener).

Final Thoughts on Closerscopy Affiliate Program

Closerscopy affiliate program is one of the best ways to (make money with affiliate marketing).

Irrespective of the promotion methods you decide to use, the major thing is consistency.

If you decide to use Facebook, YouTube or Niche blog, you need to keep at it.

Your audience should trust you for a regular dose of valuable content. Once your consistency is there, you will see the Closerscopy affiliate commission coming in, in no time.

Sign up for any of Closerscopy pricing plans and you will be able to promote Closerscopy automatically from within your account.

Remember that Closerscopy comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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