Funnel Scripts Review: Will This Tool Boost Your Copywriting?

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In today’s post, we’ll go over Funnel Scripts Review and see if it’s worth your time and investment before taking any action.

Virtually every business out there needs to invest in copywriting because its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Having a sales copy that sells is like sending out a salesman to market thousands of prospects/customers at the same time and at the same cost.

This means what’s going to cost you to turn a prospect into a buyer is the same thing that will cost you to turn thousands or millions of the same prospects into buyers.

That’s how important a single converting sales copy can be!

That being said…

How can you actually create the perfect copy that’ll make your prospect come begging to buy your product?

Trust me, if everybody can do this… you won’t be here right now checking out the funnel scripts review!

Trust be told, it not easy crafting out those words…

It requires lots of reasoning and as well as practice. You need to strike your prospect emotionally and connect with them psychologically before they start emptying their pockets for you.

Being good at this isn’t a day job and most importantly it requires lots of time and practice.

But come to think of it?

How would you feel having the best of the best handled your copywriting or your entire sale copies for you?

You’ll feel great right? Yeah!

Having the funnel scripts is like having Jim Edwards (the badass copywriter) and Russell Brunson (the brain behind Clickfunnels) handle your copy for you.

This is because they’re practically the wizard behind the funnel scripts software. Hence the funnel scripts review.

For the rest of this post, I’ll be breaking down everything about the funnel scripts software and how it could be of great advantage to your business or not.

But before we delve in, below is a quick outline of what we’re going to cover today.

Funnel Scripts Review: Overview

Funnel scripts came to be when the two internet gurus (Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson) saw the loophole caused by the inefficiency of sales copy by most digital marketers.

Most internet business owners are stuck with writing generic emails, ads, and sales copy that make their reader go yawning!

Of which, the truth is, they are willing to improve but should they…

  • Spend countless hours trying to perfect a single copy when there are other pressing needs?
  • Should they start reading hundreds of books on copywriting?
  • Spends hundreds of dollar on a daily basis for copywriters?
  • Or better still go to college and spent money on yet another advanced degree?

… Nah!

I think there is a better way for this! And this exactly is what Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson saw that came about the Funnel Scripts.

The solution offered by the funnel scripts cut across several niches and irrespective of your chosen field.  This is because copywriting is a necessity for every business out there!

Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson being the brain behind the software (funnel scripts) are both seasoned masters of sales copy themselves.

Jim Edwards has been an online coach for the past 20 years teaching folks how to make money online. He has authored over 40 power-packed informational products till date.

And most importantly he’s been known for writing crazy copy that does converts.

While Russel Brunson, on the other hand, is the co-founder of Clickfunnels. This is the same funnel software that has raised million-dollar entrepreneurs!

Plus, he’s also the author of the powerful book…

These two experts envision the funnel scripts software and brought it into a reality.

What is Funnel Scripts & How Does It Work?

Funnel scripts is a sales copy or AI copywriting software that handles your entire copies for you without having to hire any copywriter.

With funnel scripts, you can practically come up with any copy to target any business niche within 10 minutes.

It provides you with sales copy to market any product or services you can ever think of. This includes scripts for:

  • Email Sequence
  • Sales Pages
  • Webinars
  • Ecommerce
  • Any many more…

The scripts, however, can be used to create the following:

  • Sales copies
  • Ad copies
  • CTA copies
  • Blog post title
  • Facebook ad copies
  • Product description
  • Email headlines
  • And various others

The Funnel Scripts is a perfect tool for both experienced and inexperience copywriter to step up their game when it comes to writing winning copies that convert.

Instead of spending hours and racking your brain to come up with the perfect copy to sell your audience, all you need do is head over to your funnel scripts and have it generate copies for you.

It only going to take less than ten minute and your perfect copy to sell your audience will be generated.

But how does it work you may ask…

Once you gain access to the funnel scripts, you’ll be able to choose from among the template that resonates with the offer you’re trying to promote.

From inside you can access over 60plus online scripts and 6 scripts wizard and tons of video training on how to use each specific scripts.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred scripts, you’ll be required to fill some question in other for the software to understand what you’re trying to promote.

After you must have done that your scripts will be ready to generate. Just hit the “build” button to have it done.

However, there’s a sample form of it too if you would want to see what the result would look like before going ahead and create one.

There’s practically a detailed video tutorial for each script on how to use them so I don’t have to go in-depth on this again.

Should You Get the Funnel Scripts?

This question really boils down to how serious you’re willing to scale your business. The truth is funnel scripts isn’t meant for everybody.

But if you’re the type selling services or products and you know leads are crucial for the success of your business.

Then you definitely need the get funnel scripts.

This software (Funnel Scripts) will save you:

  • Time
  • Stress
  • And most importantly money!

Getting it is going to create more time for you to focus on other pressing areas of your business without being bothered of paying a high recurring fee to copywriters.

Copywriters are one of the well paid online entrepreneurs. This is just to let you know how expensive outsourcing your copy to third-party can be.

However, the funnel scripts can be gotten for a one-time payment of $797 and all the feature and bonuses are yours for a lifetime.

But if you have the time and talent of writing proven copies that sell without having to hire copywriters, I’ll say you’re better-off the software.

And if not, I’ll suggest you go through this webinar on funnel scripts and see the in and out of the software. Plus, if it’s probably worth your investment

funnel scripts webinar

Get Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts Review (The Inside Look)

What You’ll Get inside Funnel Scripts

As I said earlier, there’s typically a video tutorial to walk you through every bit of the scripts you’ll ever want to use.

So I won’t be going in-depth on this one but will scratch the surface to show you what to expect if you’re going to get the software.

Once you get the software, from your dashboard, there is an introductory video that gives you an overview walkthrough of the entire platform.

funnel scripts dashboard

This includes the various script types and the 6 downloadable wizards designed to run on your computer. The scripts are categorized into various types based on the type of copy you want it to generate.

Below are Few of the Scripts Types Included in the Software:

#1. DotCom Secrets Scripts

The dotcom secret sections are based on Russel Brunson book Dotcom secrets which I mentioned earlier. This book is a must-read for anybody doing business over the internet.

Scripts under this category are basically about using funnel to market your products and services. And under this section we have other scripts template like:

The scripts include everything you need to create an engaging copy to sell your product.

You just need to enter few information about your products and boom your marketing copy is up and ready to be send.

  • Call to Action Scripts – This includes scripts for creating CTAs for your images, texts and call to action buttons.
  • Lead Capture Scripts – these scripts are designed to generate more opt-ins on your squeeze pages and easily grow your email list.
  • Live Event Invitation – the name actually describes it. This is the perfect scripts for promoting any live event and how to generates leads for the event through your copies.
  • Magic Bullet Scripts – this is another great script that focuses on selling high ticket products.
  • Order Bump Scripts – order bump scripts are the perfect scripts for making extra cash on a particular product. This focus on adding extra product at the end of your funnel for profit increase.

#2. Expert Secret Scripts

This is another script based on Russel Brunson book (Expert Secret) which focuses more on how to utilize the great advantage of funnels in selling your products.

It includes great scripts no how to sell ANY product or services using the power of sales funnel. The Expert Secret section includes templates like:

  • Hooks Curiosity Scripts
  • Ask Campaign Scripts
  • Epiphany Bridge Scripts
  • Short Epiphany Bridge Scripts
  • Title Scripts
  • Big Domino Scripts
  • And few other scripts…

#3. Sales Copy & Video Scripts

The sales copy and video scripts include several scripts from the previous scripts and lay more emphasis on sales and video copies templates.

We have few scripts under this section and they include:

  • Webinar Scripts
  • Order bump
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • Sales Opener Question Scripts

#4. Testimonial Scripts

As the name suggest they are scripts for testimonials and case study. There are few scripts templates under this section and they include:

  • Case study Scripts
  • Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts

#5. Advertising Scripts

This section on advertising scripts includes scripts that can be used to create copies for paid advertising for various platform.

The scripts include:

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts
  • PPC Ad Scripts

#6. Content Creation Scripts

The content creation script is basically for content marketing. This includes scripts that can be used to promote your content. They include:

  • About Me Scripts
  • Decision Tree Scripts
  • Free Report Scripts
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts
  • Story Idea Brainstorming Scripts

#7. Bullet Scripts

Bullet scripts focus majorly on sales pages, emails. And it’s mostly used by marketers that want their sales pages to stand out and equally more compelling to their customers.

Scripts under this category include:

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • Feature, Benefits, Meaning Bullet Scripts

#8. Email Scripts

The email scripts are used for writing high converting email newsletter, email sequence or just follow-ups.  It includes everything that has to do with promotional emails and scripts under this category includes:

  • Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
  • Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts
  • Free Info Request Email Sequence
  • Onboarding Email Message Funnel Sequence
  • Webinar Follow Up Scripts

#9. Titles & Headline Scripts

This script is responsible for creating various title headlines for your copy as well as subject lines, blog post titles.

It basically takes care of everything that has to do with title and subject lines. Scripts types under this category include the following:

  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Dirty Little Secrets Scripts
  • Killer Headlines
  • Million Dollar Sales headlines
  • Profitable Title Scripts
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Timeless Classic Headline Scripts

#10. Sales Letters

The sales letter scripts cover the scripts under product sales copy of any kind. This includes both short and long sales copy to promote your offer.

Scripts under this category include:

  • Long-form sales letter scripts
  • Short Sales Letter Scripts
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts

Get Funnel Scripts

The 6 Downloadable Wizard

The 6 downloadable wizards are programmed to work on user’s computers. This means you’ll have to download and run it on your computer to start using it.

The wizard includes the following:

#1. Perfect Webinar Wizard

perfect webinar wizard

Creating that perfect webinar that we’ll blow the mind of your customer isn’t a child’s play. It requires lots of work and perfection from your side.

The works of the perfect webinar wizard is to make your webinar more of easy and enjoyable process. The wizard will help you with your webinar scripts, emails, ads, and as well as follow-up emails.

#2. Start Story Solution Wizard

The star story solution wizard helps with writing that perfect story to promote your products and offers. It takes about 30 minutes to fill out and after that your offer scripts are live.

#3. Easy Survey Wizard

As the name suggests, the Easy Survey Wizard help with creating any kind of survey you might want to create for any funnel. It helps you come up with questions you can ask.

To generate, it’s going to ask you several questions relating to what you’re trying to promote, such as keywords, topics and as well as the target audience.

#4. Easy VSL Wizard

This wizard helps in creating a highly engaging video sales copy. The generated scripts can either be read out or you simply make it a slides show for video presentation.

#5. Master Class Wizard

masterclass wizard

Just as the name suggests, the wizard helps with promotional material and content creation for a perfect master class.

#6. Podcast and Facebook Live Interview Wizard

If you’re planning for a big interview event, the interview wizard can pull you through the whole process with everything necessary to make it a success.

It takes about 16 questions to answer in setting it up. And once it’s done you just need to choose the best type that fits your need.

The Funnel Scripts Pricing

funnel scripts pricing

Initially, funnel scripts fee used to be charged annually at a recurring price of $497 every year. However, with the recent update, all users are now being given access to the software at a one-time price of $797 for a lifetime.

So, instead of paying $497 every year users can pay $797 one-time fee with unlimited access to the software as well as all bonuses included in it.

These bonuses include monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass and various other scripts included in the software.

Which are all lifetime access guaranteed!

In fact, what’s also amazing is the fact that more scripts and bonuses and being added to the software. Which means there’s a probability of the funnel scripts pricing increasing any time soon.

If you think about it, the $797 one-time price is worth It compare to when you’re sourcing the help of a copywriter that charges around $50 per hour.

Funnel Scripts Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at why funnel scripts are considered and favored compared to copywriters zapping your funds and some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a user of the software.

Pros of using Funnel Scripts

  • Walkthrough Video for All Scripts
  • Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Access for a One-time fee
  • Several Scripts types and category for numerous business niches
  • Auto Generate Scripts
  • Save time, Money, and Stress
  • Downloaded Wizards for Users Computers
  • Additional Bonus
  • Multiple Training on Copywriting
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of Using Funnel Scripts

  • It could be expensive for small business owners
  • The Wizard setup takes time in setting up. As you’ll be required to answer tons of questions

Get Funnel Scripts


Funnel scripts is an extraordinary tool that makes your business stand out as a result of your unique copy.

It makes it so easy that you don’t have to start learning how to write copy and at the same time paying copywriters.

You just need to choose your copy type from the templates available in the software and have your copies generated within a few minutes.

This way you won’t have to start stressing your brain on how to break into your customer’s emotion or connect with them.

Everything is pre-created by two of the world greatest sales copywriter of all time. Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson.

The good thing is it comes with 30Days Money Back Guaranteed. So if you don’t receive value for your money, you can as well get your full refund.

No Question asked!

So, that’s it on Funnel Scripts Review! Let me know what you think about this review in the comment box below.

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