10 Best AliDropship Plugins & Add-ons to Accelerate your Dropshipping Business

In this post I’ll talk about the 10 best dropshipping plugins and services by Alidropship that could really help your dropshipping business.

I’ve always thought of dropshipping as a sideline income because this stuff could really make you some extra cash. Most especially when it’s completely automated.

I’ll be straight with you; if you want to make serious money from drop shipping! Trust me you going to need a lot more than your dropshipping store.

The easiest part is setting up your drop shipping store. Converting your visitor into what you want them to be is where you need to spend most of your time. The number one secret of every successful dropshipper is the resources, plugins, and strategy they use in running their business.

best dropshipping plugin

Your chances of making 100% return on your investment are limitless if you have a detailed plan, strategy and of course the right plugins and tools. You can do as much as you want with this plugins:

  • Automate your product sales
  • Cross-sell
  • Use psychology principles to attract sale e.g. coupon code, product discount, urgency etc.

As promised, below are the 10 best AliDropship plugins, services and add-ons that can help your dropshipping business.

  1. Social Rabbit Plugin (WooCommerce Compatible)

Social media automated software

The Social Rabbit plugin is a WordPress Plugin that promotes your website on the social media automatically. You just have to set up a template for it and it runs according to it.

When it comes to e-commerce the social media platform play a vital role in the success of your business. Therefore you need to engage them as much as you can.

Equally important, to benefit from dropshipping you need to raise awareness about your store products.

And how can you do that?

Through online promotional channels. Various channels like Instagram; twitter etc. can be a good source of awareness to people that matter to your business.

The Social Rabbit Plugin allows you to enjoy human-like posting on your social media content. The plugin automatically promotes your website on the popular social networks: Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, one thing you can be guaranteed with the plugin is stable organic traffic leading to conversion on your website. It gives you a hassle-free promotion of your social networks accounts on a 24/7 basis.


  • It works on Autopilot
  • Provides stable organic traffic and conversion
  • Runs 24 hours 7days a week
  • Drastically saves time and money
  • Automatically finds popularly related to your niche and post it on your account.
  • It also adds descriptions, links, and hashtags.
Read Full Review Try Social Rabbit
  1. Alidropship Woo Plugin

woocommerce dropshipping plugin

The Alidropship Woo plugin is a WooCommerce based plugin specifically built for WooCommerce dropshipping. It allows seamless importation of products automatically from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store.

The current market analysis points out the fact that the Alidropship Woo Plugin is the most advanced solution for WooCommerce. The plugin works so gracefully that it makes dropshipping an easy business.

As soon as your webstore receives an order the plugin automatically visit AliExpress with your customer’s data. All you need do is click the ‘Pay Now’ button to confirm your purchase.

 The plugin allows the owner to the following:

  • Easily order from supplier without manually entering all the required data
  • It allows user to easily edit product descriptions and add new text, image, and videos
  • The plugin synchronizes with AliExpress to get fresh data and updates thereby updating your store automatically etc.

Detailed Features

  • Easily search and Import products
  • Place order automatically
  • Synchronized with AliExpress for auto updates
  • Built-in image editor
  • Auto tracking of orders
  • Offer fast and delivery service through ePacket shipping option etc.

Furthermore, another reason while the plugin is uniquely built for WooCommerce owes to the fact that WooCommerce is the number one solution for building online stores. According to “Builtwith” Research, over 39% of the online stores worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. This invariably means there will be high demand for WooCommerce dropshipping plugin. Hence Alidropship Woo.

Read Full Review Try AliDropship Woo
  1. AliDropship Plugin

best dropshipping plugin

The Alidropship plugin just like the Woo version (Alidropship Woo) is the default dropshipping plugin created before the Woo version. They practically have the same functionalities but differ in some minor features. The Alidropship Woo version was created after the default plugin when there a high demand for the WooCommerce dropshipping plugin.

Why the Alidropship Plugin is unique is that it comes with both version of the plugin (WooCommerce inclusive) with additional marketing tools. And this includes:

  • Discount
  • Email list
  • Cross-sell
  • Abandoned cart

Meanwhile, the above tools are very useful for the successful running of your drop shipping store. Reasons, why you might want to choose the Alidroship plugin over the WooCommerce version, may include the following:

  • You want to create a brand new dropshipping store from the scratch
  • Probably you are new to eCommerce with little or no experience with dropshipping
  • If you are on the fence about choosing the platform for your dropshipping store.
  • You want a single package required to start and run a dropshipping business without having to buy another plugin.


It includes all the features and functionalities the Woo version can do. Auto import, updates, fulfillment or order, ePacket filter, product edition, review, and price automation etc.

Get Alidropship Plugin 

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  1. Alidropship Custom Store

alidropship custom store review

The custom store is a whole lot different package entirely it’s everything inclusive. They will practically create your dropshipping store from the scratch and not just that, also do a niche research for you. Niche research is choosing the kind of product you want to dropship and that can be really tricky and time-consuming.

Besides, the custom store is probably not for everybody. But if you think you are not a tech-savvy, or don’t have enough time and you would want a nicely made dropshipping store, you could order for one.

Detailed Features

  • Professionally designed theme to convert visitors into buyers
  • At least 50 already imported products in your store fully edited with description
  • Auto updates of product information
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Promotional tools: discount coupons, emails for abandoned carts recovery, subscriber list etc.
  • Unique designed elements
  • Price automation
  • Payment Gateways
  • SEO
  • Support

 Additionally, immediately the store is set owner can start receiving payments from their customer. It’s a game changer if you have the cash at hand.

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Get A Custom Store


  1. Alidropship Hosting Plans

best dropshipping plugin

Before setting up any website, your web hosting is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Whenever your website is down visitors cannot get information or make a purchase and every single minute means losing a potential customer.

Alidropship also provides hosting services and their hosting solution is perfectly optimized for all their dropshipping plugins. This will invariably make your dropshipping business easier.

Alidropship hosting plans start from $48/year including a free SSL certificate. They also provide a 24/7 support and free website setup coupled with an easy to manage cPanel.

Additionally, their Hosting services includes:

See Hosting Plans 

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  1. AliDropship SEO Package

best dropshipping plugin

The SEO package is one the services run by Alidropship to optimize e-commerce store for more sales.

According to a research study by ‘Optify’ reported that website that rank first received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4%. The second received 12.5% CTR while the third received 9.5%.

Meanwhile, another study by Gabe Donnini at marketing land supported the previous study by Optify. It stated that “the share of impression generated from the first position is almost double the one from the second position.

My point here is the value that the first spot holds.  If you don’t have a strong SEO strategy in place, you are losing out on clicks and sales. Thanks to Alidropship SEO package. Your store can significantly improve its rankings in search engine, although that is if you are not familiar with SEO strategy already.


  • Google indexing
  • Website audit
  • Unique SEO article
  • Home page and categories meta descriptions
  • Over 100 DA 20plus backlinks
  • 3 business days delivery time
Learn More

Get SEO Package

  1. Promo Video Creation – by Alidropship

best dropshipping plugin

Video marketing is still one of the most under-utilized e-commerce strategies. The fact is, if you want to take your eCommerce business past your competition and to the next level! You can’t ignore the power of video marketing.

Likewise, product videos have the incredible ability to increase conversions because it helps people to understand your product. With Video promo, your website visitors are 65-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Other reason why video promo is good for online stores includes:

  • It captivates visitors
  • Video is more sharable
  • Google loves video etc.

Most importantly, video promo will increase the level of trust towards your store and significantly boosts your sale.

Promo Video Creation

  1. Recent Sales Pop-Up (WooCommerce Compatible)

best dropshipping plugin

The sales Pop-up works by giving your online store the traditional brick and mortar feelings. It does this by showing the evidence that there are many happy customers already buying your products.

Furthermore, your store will be humanized and valuable trust will be built. This will thereby increase customer engagement and visitors are likely going to be converted into buyers.

best dropshipping plugin

Recent sale pop-up is highly recommended for new stores which are still growing sales and traffic. This will help to build a busy atmosphere around your store.

What is included?

  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • One click installation
  • Very easy to use interface
  • You can easily choose any country, city and customer’s to be displayed in the notification
  • Easily randomize display time for a more true-to-life experience.
  • Mobile friendly

Get Sales Pop-Up

  1. Abandoned Cart Plugin

best dropshipping plugin

The abandoned cart add-on gets the details of your potential customers. This is done to later forward email notifications to remind and encourage them to come back to your store. It’s a powerful call to action tool that aimed at recovering back your considered lost customers or revenue.

In fact, research shows that 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer complete sale. Automating abandoned cart workflows makes it easier for online sellers to reconnect with customers who left their shopping carts to recapture sale.


  • Include promotional materials and promos to notification emails
  • Tailor your email template according to your need
  • Use stats to keep track  abandoned cart
  • Enhance your revenue by adding product recommendation.

Get Abandoned Cart

  1. Countdown Timer Plugin (WooCommerce Compatible)

best dropshipping plugin

The Countdown Timer Add-on is a promotional tool that helps to create urgency and scarcity in every possible way.

Normally, customers tend to delay buying because why should they, if they don’t have to? But with the help of the Countdown Timer, you can persuade your customers that the best time to buy is now before it’s too late.

Also, the timer will create a strong sense of urgency and scarcity on your online store.


  • Easily restart timer after the end date
  • Place timer on specific products and categories
  •      A wide range of settings and fantastic customization options.
  • Install plugin within few seconds
  • Timer can be easily turned on and off with a simple switch

Get Countdown-timer

  1. Facebook Business Plugin (WooCommerce compatible)

best dropshipping plugin

The Facebook business plugin is designed to synchronize your webstore with Facebook product catalog. This will allow your promotion experience as smooth as possible.

The best place to sell and showcase your product is where everybody spends most of their time: Facebook and Instagram. Thus, marketing your product on Facebook will help build a lasting relationship with people that matters to your product. And most importantly increase sales for your online store.

Benefits & Features

  • Generate more demands to your webstore
  • Increase your customer acquisition efficiency
  • It allows you to spark the interest of your potential customers by reminding them about the product they browse.
  • Comes with clean interface

Facebook Business



Drop shipping is far increasing day by day. What will place you ahead of your competition are your drop shipping gadgets you use, thanks to technology and AliDropship you can easily equip yourself.

While you’re at it, set a detailed plan and strategy before you even purchase any extra plugins. Once you get an additional tool, set a time limit to recover your capital and work on the traffics and sales you expect on a daily basis.

Which of the plugins do you considered the best? Or which plugin are you currently using that you can rather recommend. Please let’s hear it in the comment box below.

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      1. Does alidropship woo and social rabbit have money back guarantees? Also, I’ve read that facebook is going to limit the third party plugin posts on their website after April 24th of this year, does this mean it’s going to affect most of social rabbit’s auto-posting, likes and facebook access?

        1. Yes, Alidropship Woo has a 45 days Money back guarantee. But for Social rabbit plugin, it doesn’t. Also about the facebook limitation, I heard its the 1st of August this year, we’re really hoping they change their mind.

  1. Nah… Social Rabbit is a powerful social media tool. It’s functionality is not limited to just Facebook you can use it with IG, Twitter and Pinterest. Besides, Facebook third party limitation is not yet finalized.

    1. I see. So what is the difference pf Social rabbit and social media creation plugin? I notice that social rabbit doesn’t really focus on facebook but social media creation does. Is that right? Also, do you have coupon codes available for any of these apps?

    2. Also, is there a currency setting available on alidropship woo if you want to set the currency from one to another or something like a multi-currency for example?

    1. This one https://alidropship.com/services/social-media-creation/
      It looks like it’s similar to social rabbit but I’m not quite sure. Let me know if there’s any difference between them. I wanted to integrate with fb and insta but social rabbit doesnt seem like it’s providing it based on its description while the one that I sent you seems like they do. Also, I tried ali25 coupon but it wont work, is there any other coupon code that mightbe available?

  2. Social media creation is one of the services rendered by Alidropship. They will create a professional social media account for you and integrate it with your website. Social rabbit on the other is a robot plugin that works on automation.

    1. I see. I have another question. Is the facebook business plugin going to be affected by the changes and restriction fb is going to have for this next few months?

  3. Facebook is Sync with Instagram so you can be rest assured that any ad run on Facebook will also be visible on Instagram too. So… no! It’s not limited to Facebook. About the Facebook limitation. I can really speak for Facebook, but I seriously doubt if it will be affected

    1. Okay, so are you saying that it’s still good to purchase this particular plugin in the midst of all the changes facebook might have? Also, is this particular plugin the one that helps to get my website products visible on facebook and insta?

  4. I’m not making a claim it’s just my opinion… The core function of the Facebook plugin is designed to synchronize your web store with Facebook Product Catalog and make your promotion experience a better one.

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